For Boston e-Cycle, we’ve seen the large amounts of good (and bad) electronics that just get tossed away and forgotten. One facet of our founding principles is to fix electronics and donate to schools and communities that do not have anything. We’ve heard some stories over the years that have really touched our hearts and made us feel like we had to do something. Knowing that businesses tend to get the latest and greatest machines for their end-users, we find it hard to believe that the used machines will just go to your typical e-waste recycler or scrap metal yard. Most of the time, all of these systems just need a new hard drive and a fresh OS install.

With any pickups that we do, we promise that you will find your old and used equipment going into a new home (or responsibly recycled). While we do re-sell a lot of parts and equipment to fund our ongoing operations, we also ensure that the greater Boston communities are helped in some way by what we do.

If you have any recommendations about schools, communities, or groups looking for lightly used and functional equipment, just use the ‘Contact Us’ form to get in touch and let us know. We’re glad to help out whenever and wherever we can.