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Jon DiLeo here, founder and owner of Boston e-Cycle, LLC. I started this company up initially because I consider myself a very heavy recycler and reuser of items. Being in the IT field for almost the past decade, I’ve seen so much old equipment pile up and get tossed out the door (only to end up with a small portion at a local scrapper, and the rest being spread elsewhere…probably some landfills or incinerators). It is my ultimate goal to become the #1 recycler of all used electronics in the world. Hefty goal, but it’s something to strive for.

Anyways, you’ve either landed at this site because you either know me personally or possibly through one or two related connections. If you’re in the IT field and manage your inventory, I would love to become your go-to guy for all things that you are looking to get rid of; whether it be an old Dell tower server from 1998, a huge CRT monitor from the past, or even a desktop from the past few years that just needs to be brought back to life. Essentially I will work with you to pick up all of these items, dispose of your hard drives and other media using a third-party vendor (NAID Certified), and do some fun math using our price list to see how much I owe you, or you owe me. I figure most of the time, you’ll end up with a check.

I hope to work with you soon! Please use the contact page to touch base and I will get back to you promptly with whatever information you need from me.

Thanks and take care,

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