Bike Week Celebration in Boston

So most family and friends know that I like to bike to work every so often, and this is mainly due to environmental, health, and timely reasons. Obviously there’s minimal impact to the environment when compared to any gas-powered or electric modes of transit, you get a great workout twice per day, and in Boston (I’m a harsh critic of the green B line), bicycling will more than likely equal a faster commute time to work within city limits. I might also write about bicycling since some folks originally thought I was starting an electronic bicycle company (Pedego), but we all know by now that we are a company dedicated to curbing e-waste throughout the greater Boston region.

So…there will be an awesome event that all cyclists and other people should go to on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 – Mayor Menino’s Bike Week Celebration from 7am – 9am at City Hall Plaza. There will be free breakfast from Boloco, music, vendors, and I heard there will be free swag…..okay, so I simply read from the BU Parking & Transportation Services blogĀ here. Seriously, everybody should bike on in or stop on by. It’s always a fun time and a great way to start out any morning!

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