Quickly save a list of your songs in iTunes

In iTunes, there is a way to quickly save or print a list of all of your songs in your iTunes library. As long as you have the songs properly identified throughout your library (either by downloading directly from CD or the iTunes store), you should have a nice list by the end of this quick tutorial:

  1. Open iTunes on your computer
  2. Click ‘File’ and then ‘Print’
  3. Select the ‘Song listing’ radio button, and then click ‘Songs’ in the dropdown list
  4. Click ‘OK’
  5. At this next screen, you can physically print out the song listing to a printer, or you can select to save in XPS or PDF format (you will need proper XPS or PDF printers installed prior to this)
  6. Once you have a saved list of your songs, you can simply save that file elsewhere for safekeeping. I simply save my song listing once every few months and toss it into my Google Drive.

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