Clothing donations – undergarments

I’ve long wondered what happens to clothing donations, especially now that I know that I can donate clean undergarments (underwear, bras, lingerie, etc). Yes, if you did not know already, there are a ton of donation bins that accept clean/non-soiled undergarments, and even some local Goodwill locations will accept them.

There is also a service through The Bra Recyclers that will accept gently used bras and will get them to the less fortunate that cannot afford bras. Some readers have mentioned using the bra pads as shoe liners to absorb sweat and cushion your feet. Even for undergarments that are a little more worn but clean, donation bin providers tend to take these and shred them for the fibers. They can then re-sell these massive amounts of fiber to the fiber industry, and help fund their operations.

So for the next time you clean out your old undies or bras, make sure to give them a quick wash & dry, and donate them to a good cause.

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