How to wipe your smartphone – Part 3 (Windows)

Similar to Android devices, I’m not the most well-tuned Windows smartphone user. Of course, I’ve went and scoured the web and looked through a variety of resources to come up with the straight and simple method of doing a factory reset for your Windows smartphone (of course, very similar to the iOS and Android devices, ensure that you back up your data first):

  1. Unlock your phone and using one finger, press and hold the screen and slide to the left
  2. Now you are at the ‘Apps’ list screen. Just scroll down to find ‘Settings’ and tap it with your finger
  3. Tap the ‘about’ button
  4. Tap the ‘reset your phone’ button
  5. Tap ‘yes’ to any warnings about your data being deleted (make sure you’ve backed it up first!)
  6. Let the phone run through the reset process and after a bit of time, your Windows phone should be loaded to the factory default.

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